NETCA: UK Network in Computer Algebra  
University of St. Andrews

The School of Computer Science at the University of St. Andrews supports leading research groups in Theoretical and Experimental computer science. In particular it is pursuing a long term program in the effective use of computational-logic techniques in pure and applied mathematics, and extends and complements recent work on CL to support research in pure mathematics and symbolic computation.

Dr. Roy Dyckoff has a strong background in logic for computer science and also in classical topology and mathematics, and an international reputation for his recent work on proof search. He works in particular on the development of proof systems for non-classical logics, of interest in computer science or artificial intelligence.

Dr. Steve Linton has a strong background in algebra, symbolic computation and CL, heads the international team developing the GAP computer algebra system. He was program chair of Calculemus 2001, the leading meeting for researchers who combine CL and computer algebra.

Dr. Tom Kelsey is interested in Integrating computer algebra and automated proof among other fields. Dr. Kelsey has had various publications with Drs Linton and Gent on Group theory.

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