Blink: wireless programming for hardware dummies

Dimitrios Vytiniotis

Software-defined radio (SDR) brings the flexibility of software to the domain of wireless protocol design, promising both an ideal platform for research and innovation and the rapid deployment of new protocols on existing hardware. However, existing SDR platforms often require careful hand-tuning of low-level code to be useful in the real world. In this talk I will present Blink, an SDR platform that is both easily programmable and performant. Blink introduces a novel programming model tailored to wireless physical layer tasks and captures the inherent and important distinction between data and control paths in this domain. I will describe this programming model, give an overview of the execution model, compiler optimizations, and current work. We have used Blink to produce an implementation of 802.11a/g and working on in-progress implementation of LTE.

Joint work with Bozidar Radunovic (MSRC), Gordon Stewart (PhD student at Princeton), Mahanth Gowda (PhD student at UIUC), and Geoffrey Mainland (Drexel).