Innocent Strategies are Sheaves over Plays: Deterministic, Non-deterministic and Probabilistic Innocence.

Luke Ong

Although the HO/N games are fully abstract for PCF, the traditional notion of innocence (which underpins these games) is not satisfactory for such language features as non-determinism and probabilistic branching, in that there are stateless terms that are not innocent. Based on a category of P-visible plays with a notion of embedding as morphisms, we propose a natural generalisation by viewing innocent strategies as sheaves over (a site of) plays, echoing a slogan of Hirschowitz and Pous. Our approach gives rise to fully complete game models in each of the three cases of deterministic, nondeterministic and probabilistic branching. To our knowledge, in the second and third cases, ours are the first such factorisation-free constructions.

Joint work with Takeshi Tsukada.